We are still open for 2018 and we are looking for three interns. This is for September intake. So interested students can apply online too by filling all the required fields.

What we are looking for

You need to be passionate about your future career, have projects online that show your skills and be someone we can rely on for the duration of the placement.

We want people who are independent, enjoy exploring a new location and like a bit of fun mixed in with their working day. We do ask for potential applicants to be well skilled but we will give you a lot in return if you have the talent.

If you are…


If you are a rare person with both design and development chops then we really want you to apply.

What you will get

  • Assistance in ongoing projects
  • Real projects to work on
  • Guidance from smart professionals
  • Stationary if needed
  • You will also be integrated in team and we won’t just have you making drinks
  • A modest wage and who knows maybe a job at the end of it


Required reading…

Here are a few things you can look into improving before starting…


How to apply

Choose your dates

Your skills

URLs of your work

Upload your CV

Tell us about yourself